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    Pizza Flour

    Italian Roots. British Made

    authentic Neapolitan ‘00’ pizza flour

    Italian flair meets British craftsmanship

    Crafted hand-in-hand with top Italian pizza chefs, Sonata is a harmonious ensemble of British and authentic Italian milling techniques. Together they produce an extra-fine, high-protein, ‘00’ Neapolitan style pizza flour that hits the right note, every time.

    Founded in 1867, Wright’s has been crafting flour at our Enfield mill for six generations. The secret to the perfect Neapolitan style pizza is no longer under Nona’s lock and key. It all boils down to fresh, honest ingredients.

    Wrights Sonata pizza flour 16kg bag

    Winning the
    hearts of
    Italian pizza
    chefs across
    the UK

    Sonata pizza flour
    Sonata pizza flour dough
    Pizza made with Sonata pizza flour
    Sonata pizza flour webbing
    Handmade pizza made with Sonata pizza flour
    Sonata pizza flour dough rising
    Pizza being made with Sonata pizza flour

    The Sonata pizza school

    Sonata pizza school attendees

    Learn the secrets to perfecting your pizza, starting with Sonata. It’s time to go back to school and tap into your inner Nona.

    Ideal for corporate events, team building days and eager chefs. Immerse yourself in a culinary experience led by Sonata experts.